Scott Gooding at Patch Cafe

On Thursday, the 25th of February 2016, I was fortunate enough to be selected to capture Scott Gooding’s cooking demo at Richmond’s Patch Cafe, a paleo inspired hot spot where food lovers can enjoy delicious meals without compromising their health and fitness.

If you’re not familiar with Scott Gooding, he found his way into Australian living rooms in 2013, as a contestant on one of Australia’s highest rated shows, ‘My Kitchen Rules’. Scott changed our perception of what it is to be healthy by showing that healthy food, doesn’t have to be lacking in flavour. When it comes to healthy living, Scott knows what he is talking about, aside from being a health coach with a background in exercise science, he is also the author of 6 successful books under the ‘Clean Living’ series, released in Australia and the UK. He is a co-owner of Paleo Foodies Online and has just released his first e-book called Nourished, which can be purchased online here.

Patch Cafe offered a relaxed environment for the 30+ attendee’s of the event to get to know Scott as he cooked two courses from his new book. Guests were able to pick Scott’s brain about all things health and fitness, with Scott himself proclaiming that no questions would be off limits. Scott was present, informative and genuine, and made sure that he took the time to meet and chat to all who attended.

I had a great time capturing the event and getting to know what Patch Cafe and Scott Gooding were all about. I will definitely be making my way back to Patch Cafe soon to try out their menu, with my sights set on ‘The Showstopper’ – Pumpkin, banana, coconut flour & almond butter waffles, served with maple candied bacon ice-cream, house made paleo Anzac crumble, seasonal berries & fruit, drizzled with maple syrup. Excuse me while I mop up the drool.

You can find out more about Patch Cafe on their website here, to learn more about Scott Gooding click here.

Scott Gooding interacts with guest at cooking demo
Scott Gooding preparing food
Guests at Scott Gooding cooking demo
Scott Gooding smiling
Guests at Scott Gooding cooking demo
Scott Gooding cooking demo guests
Scott Gooding gives cooking demo at Patch Cafe
Scott Gooding stirring ingredients
Scott Gooding demonstration
Scott Gooding juices a lemon
Guest at Scott Gooding cooking demo
Bowl of mussels
Scott Gooding talks to guests while stirring
Scott Gooding plates up a dish
Pork Belly and cabbage
Chef plates up Mussels and broth
Pork Belly

Chef plates up pork belly and cabbage

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